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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I use my meal plan?

Variety is your request and it's what you get!!! Meals can be used in the Saga dining hall. Saga is our residential dining hall that allows you to eat as much as you'd like while in the dining hall or build a meal to-go. Snack Money is dining currency that is attached to your meal plan and can be used in all dining venues on campus. Buy what you want and where you want in any dining location!!!

Where do I purchase a Meal Plan?

To purchase a meal plan, login to your myResEd account at

At the end of the semester will I lose my meals?

All students with a meal plan will have their meals roll over from Fall to Spring only if they repurchase a meal plan for the Spring semester

What is continuous dining?

We offer continuous dining at Saga Dining Hall on weekdays during the academic year, serving meals between lunch and dinner. This allows students who are not able to make the traditional meal times due to class schedules, etc., the ability to eat a full meal.

I am on the Finger Lakes Meal Plan, how do I get my FREE birthday cake?

Free birthday cakes are provided to all participants on the Finger Lakes Meal Plan. Birthday Cake cards are distributed to all students through their student on-campus mailbox a month or more prior to the students birthday. Students with birthdays during academic breaks will be provided birthday cake cards before the scheduled academic break. For example, if your birthday fell in July, you would receive your birthday cake card in the beginning of April.

If my parents visit me on campus, can they eat free?

Parents with students on the Finger Lakes Meal Plan are welcome to eat for free in the Saga dining hall with their students when they visit the campus. Students must be on the Finger Lakes Meal Plan and must be dining in with their parents to take advantage of the "Parents Eat Free" programs. events.

What are Guest Passes and how do I redeem them?

Guest Passes are complimentary meals credited to students' Finger Lakes meal plan. Students may use guest passes for other students, family members, or non-matriculated friends. 

- To use a guest pass, students simply tell the saga checker they wish to use a guest pass. The checker will deduct passes from the student's meal account. 

- Guest passes provide the ultimate flexibility, students can use guest passes for anyone

- Guest passes can be used for any meal in the Saga dining hall

- unused passes will expire at the end of each semester, and cannot be carried over  

What is snack money?

Snack Money is another feature adding flexibility to your dining options. Spend it like cash at SAGA Dining Hall, The Café, The Cellar Pub, de Cordova Café featuring Starbucks® Coffee and Au Bon Pain. As an additional value Snack Money is tax exempt!

What is Community Cash?

Community cash is a debit card plan that allows you to spend your money at selected off-campus merchants and ALL on-campus dining venues. To add community cash to your OneCard, visit and click Get Funds.

Can I spend Community Cash in any on-campus dining venue?

YES!!!! All dining venues on campus accept cash, credit, snack money, and community cash.

Where can I check the current hours of SAGA, Cafe or other dining establishments?

I would like to work for dining services, where can I apply?

Visit the concierge desk in front of SAGA and ask one of the attendants for an application!

I have a suggestion for dining services, whom should I contact?

Contact your Student Dining Council Representatives, appointed by the student council.

How can I check my snack money and/or SAGA meals?

Visit the concierge desk in front of SAGA and ask one of the attendants to check how much snack money you currently have and/or saga meals!

I have dietary needs, how do I ensure they are met?

Most food products are either labeled or available at Simple Servings in SAGA. If you are still unsure, please simply ask an employee for clarification. If you have severe allergies please contact Lynn Pelkey at
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